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February 12, 2015
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Cost of Tattoo Removal

Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal- Melbourne, Florida

Here at Millefiori in Downtown Melbourne we specialize in laser tattoo removal. The number one question that we get asked is about the price. What is the starting cost? Do we do packages? How is the cost of tattoo removal determined? Does the PicoSure laser cost more? So I wanted to take this chance to explain how the cost of tattoo removal is determined at Millefiori.

$150 extra small Tattoo size

$150 extra small Tattoo size


The main determining factor for pricing is size, so let’s start there. We have multiple pre-determined sizes that range from a small initial on the finger to a full sleeve. For example, if you come to the office for a consultation and have a small wedding band on your finger (one of the most popular tattoos that we remove) would cost $150 per session, this is classified as our extra-small size. Another example is a butterfly on your lower back that is the size of a business card that would be considered our small tattoo and is priced at $375 per session. The sizing just continues from there to medium, large, and full sleeve and the cost increased with each as well. We do understand that tattoo are all different sizes and may not necessarily fit into our neat little “boxes” of size. This is why a consultation in person is needed FOR THE cost of tattoo removal. It is impossible for us to see a picture from a cell phone and accurately judge the size. When we see you in person we try to make your tattoo fit into one of these categories.

$350- Business card size

$350- Business card size


From years of experience a tattoo can take anywhere from 4-8 treatments to fully resolve. Colorful tattoo that are blue, green, and purples tend to take less sessions. Tattoos with heavy outline or a lot of black are closer to the 6 treatment mark. After the consultation you will two options. To remove the wedding band tattoo you can pay at each session you come into Millefiori. The other option is a package. This is where you pay in full for only 5 treatments and anything that is needed over that is free. So for example you would only pay $150 X 5 for a total price of $750, but still get the 6th treatment for free. This is the option that most of our clients opt for since in the end it always saves money on the cost of tattoo removal.

Competitors (You pay for what you get)

As any good consumer, myself included, will probably shop around and try and find another place that does tattoo removal and get a quote. We don’t mind this, but we can guarantee that we are the only office in Brevard County using the PicoSure laser. The PicoSure uses a pressure wave instead of heat to destroy the tattoo ink so there is no damage to the skin (no scarring) and fewer treatments are needed. It may seem a little pricey at first but let’s look at that same example of the finger tattoo. Our cost at Millefiori with the PicoSure for that particular tattoo is $150. I have heard that there are other offices in town using the q-switch Yag laser (older technology) and would price that same tattoo at $75 per session. At first glance it looks like a great deal to go with the office with the cheaper price. But the older technology is going to take longer. So the options are package for full removal at $750 in about 6 treatments with the PicoSure or $75 each for up to 12-20 treatments for a total of $900 with the Q-switch.

So in the end with the PicoSure you save money and save time. With half the treatments that are needed. And no risk of damage to the skin. Which to me not having permanent scarring on the skin is priceless. Hope this helps explain how we do pricing with the PicoSure for laser tattoo removal here at Millefiori in downtown Melbourne. Please call the office for a free consultation so we can evaluate your unwanted tattoos and get our cost of tattoo removal! 321-821-4778

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