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Camille Pinelli recently moved back to the Melbourne area following a fifteen year visit to California where she raised a family and was introduced to the wonderful world of aesthetics.

Skincare and nutrition became a passion play and very much a way of life for her and her family. Between her on-the-go detail oriented engineer husband, her three very active and entrepreneurial children, and their very entertaining little Yorkie, she’s able to dial in specific programs for just about any lifestyle and feel-good look-good results.Camille graduated from the Space Coast Education Center as the outspoken overdressed Class Valedictorian. Aspiring to have more options available for her clients, she feels blessed to work with the fantastic staff at Millefiori and have access to the full array of products that a medical spa can offer.

Continuous education, constant improvement and in-depth research of both products and procedures are of great importance to Camille, both personally and professionally. Knowledge and technique advancements through regular attendance at aesthetic and medical conferences and seminars throughout the year expand her abilities to apply the vast array of medical spa services and products. Additionally, she plans to add several new certifications over the next two to three calendar quarters.


A few of her patients coined the phrase: “If you’re having a bad day, just let Camille touch your face.” Her touch really is magic.

If you can’t find her pampering her patients at Millefiori, then you will probably find her on the tennis courts. Though she grew up playing soccer, she realized at the tender age of 30 that she needed to stop getting kicked in the face and shins, and took up tennis. Her other hobbies are hitting the gym and cooking. She would also like to improve her surfing and golf game and find more time to paddleboard.

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not” -Dr. Howard Murad